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Indigo carmine / Indigotine / C.I. 73015

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Indigo carmine is a water-soluble synthetic blue dye that is commercially available as the sodium salt of the dye. It is also available as the water-insoluble aluminium lake. Indigo carmine is classified as an indigoid azo dye and is similar to tartrazine. It should, however, not be confused with cochineal (carmine).

Available as a blue-brown to red-brown powder.

This dye provides a dark bluish-red colour to foodstuffs and is often used in combination with other colours. Green when mixed with tartrazine, violet when mixed with amaranth.

Indigo carmine has been widely used by surgeons to identify and to examine the urinary tract. (Gousse 2000 ref.8108 5)




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Immune Reactions:

See Tartrazine for more details. Results in urticaria, asthma, and other allergic manifestations in some allergic individuals. A 55-year-old male experienced cough, dyspnea, wheezing, asthma and nasal congestion immediately upon exposure to FD&C Blue Dye No. 2 (Indigotine) at work. (Miller 1996 ref.1870 3) Hyperactivity controversial. Some studies, but not all, show a clear relationship. GIT symptoms. Link between those allergic to aspirin and tartrazine. Patients with the aspirin classic triad reaction (asthma, urticaria, and rhinitis) or anaphylactoid reactions may develop similar reactions to this dye. (Supramaniam 1986 ref.919 32) Vaginal indigo carmine-induced severe hypotension. (Yanagidate 2001 ref.8105 4) Hypertensive reaction during transurethral resection of a bladder tumor. (Harioka 1987 8118 1) Indigo carmine-induced severe hypotension. (Nguyen 1998 ref.8110 6) Indigo carmine-induced bradycardia in a patient during general anesthesia. (Satoh 2001 ref.8107 8) A life-threatening anaphylactoid reaction due to either a drug allergy or to its intrinsic serotonergic properties is reported. (Naitoh 1994 ref.8113 7)

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Non-Immune Reactions:

This study presents a case of severe life-threatening anaphylactoid reaction followed by cardiac arrest associated with intravenous indigo carmine injection. (Gousse 2000 ref.8108 5) Severe hypertensive reaction to indigo carmine. (Jeffords 1977 ref.8121 1) (Ng 1976 8122 5) (Kennedy 1968 ref 38123 3

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OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE: Two cases of contact dermatitis in animal feed workers. (Mancusco 1990 ref.934 21)

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