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Organic alcohol derived from wood rosin (see).




No Allergens characterised

Immune Reactions:

See: Rosin. May cause contact dermatitis.

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A 28-year-old woman presented with skin lesions on her right thigh 24 h after liposuction. It was the fifth liposuction that the patient had undergone. A blue permanent marker (Edding 3000, Edding International GmbH) was used to outline the area at each liposuction. Pruritic, erythematous and infiltrated plaques, with vesicles and papular spread, developed on these lines within a few days. Results of the European Standard Series were negative. The plastics series showed a positive result to abitol at 48 (++) and 96 h (+++). (Martin-Garcia 2004 ref.26711 7)

Martin-Garcia C, Conde Salazar L, Gonzalez-Mendioca R, Hinojosa M, Sanchez-Cano H. Contact dermatitis due to Edding 3000 Allergy 2004


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